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Softcomm C-200 ANR Headset
Softcomm C-200 ANR Headset
Softcomm C-200 ANR Headset
Softcomm C-200 ANR Headset
Softcomm C-200 ANR Headset

Softcomm C-200 ANR Headset

Item Code: scc-200
Our Price: $399.95

The C-200 headset features a contoured head pad for a soft, comfortable fit, a flex boom articulating fulcrum with adjustable mic boom and mic muff, and a small power pack with low battery LED indicator. The C-200 is cell phone ready and is complete with interface jack, interconnect cable and hands free adaptor. Other features include silver black dones with silver letting, gel and foam filled ear seals; stereo/mono switch and dual volume controls, noise cancelling electret mic and RF immune M-56 amplifier, -24 db passive and -19 ANR, and push-to-talk switch on ear dome. Wt: 14 oz. Power: 9V battery. 3 year warranty. Made in the USA.

  • Non-Reflective Black all Metal Frame with adjustable Stirrups.
  • Silvered Black Domes with Silver Lettering & Logo.
  • Exclusive NEW flex-boom Articulating Fulcrum, adjustable mic boom with Mic muff.
  • Includes a Convenient, small POWER PACK with low battery LED indicator. 200+ hours of Constant use. Optional Second Pack PN 290202
  • New high tech noise absorbing material which
  • Includes Both Gel and Foam-filled ear seals.
  • New contoured Head pad for a softer fit and added comfort.
  • STEREO/MONO Switch with Dual Volume Controls.
  • Mic Muff and Cloth Ear Covers ** Included **
  • Cell phone ready with Interface Jack.
  • Cell Phone Interconnect Cable for Cell phones Using the Standard 2.5mm. 3 conductor Hands Free Adaptor.** Included **
  • RF immune M-56 Amplifier and Noise Canceling ELECTRET microphone.
  • Gold Plated Communication cable Plugs for noise-free audio.
  • Optional AUX power module to use the Aircraft's power. 12-28 volts dc. Ask for PN 1400605A
  • -19 db of ANR at average engine frequency band
  • -24bd of passive noise attenuation
  • "Push-to-talk" Mic Switch on Ear Dome